What can you do?
  • Red eye reduction.
  • Eye and teeth whitening.
  • Hair cleanup. (Stray hairs)
  • Object Removal. (Something in your photo that doesn't belong?)
  • Colour correction. (Have you got a colour cast you need removed?)
  • Body shape enhancement.
  • Background change/enhance. (Had an idea or concept that you just couldn't do with the camera? Want the sky changed? Do you want to background removed altogether?)
  • Digital makeup. (Not happy with the colour or amount of makeup? Need to add some eyeliner or blush?)
  • The complete retouch. Multiple RAW conversions with high-end dodging and burning for that flawless look.
How much?

For a detailed run down on prices, click here.

What now?

For a quote, please email a description of what you want done to your image, along with a low resolution version of the image.

How do I send you my images?

Files under 10mb can be sent via email. Images larger than 10mb can be sent via ftp using an ftp client. Please email me to request access to the ftp.